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Untitled (Paperback)


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A Simon & Schuster author.
Product Details ISBN: 9781476749457
ISBN-10: 1476749450
Publisher: Scribner
Publication Date: December 31st, 2050
Pages: 288
Language: English
“A great read and a touching and funny exploration of the true meaning of family.”
— S. J. Watson, author of Before I Go To Sleep

“A great, tender-hearted story about stories. It’s a book about what books can give us, and how they can add to our adventure – or even take us on one. A lovely read.”
— Matt Haig, author of The Humans

“An agreeably old-fashioned story with likable characters and just enough suspense to keep the pages turning. And who can resist a novel about a mobile library?”
— Booklist

"Brilliant. Every page is filled with beautifully crafted sentences in a story replete with pathos and humor."
— Hannah Beckerman, Huffington Post

"Powerful, eccentric . . . Whitehouse’s writing is energetic and pacey, spiked with startling moments of tenderness and superbly controlled. Don’t wait for the inevitable film."
— The Times (London)

"Master storytelling, offering a love-letter to old-fashioned, happy-ever-after children’s novels . . . Remarkable . . . Whitehouse’s tragicomic book is absorbing to its end."
— Sunday Times (UK)

"A beautifully written ode to childhood innocence."
— Marie Claire

"The quirkiest plot we’ve seen for a while . . . making for a magical literary tour that evokes how the books we read as children inspire us. Heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure."
— Glamour

"Book lovers will be charmed by Mobile Library . . . It’s a funny coming-of-age tale."
— Good Housekeeping

"Whitehouse cleverly illustrates the way in which lives and books intertwine."

— Daily Mail

"A modern day fairytale . . . a plot that bounds along, dramatic event after dramatic event . . . hints of magic . . . It’s also fun . . . The message becomes clear: stories can save us, unite us, show us other ways of being, offer solace . . . as messages go, it’s a sound one, an example of the open-hearted warmth at the core of this book."

— Financial Times

"Full of heart and hope and absurd bravery, as three lost souls and Bert the dog run away from home in a stolen mobile library. They then set about creating their own kind of family and rewriting the stories of their lives . . . the writer’s charismatic, sparky tale of salvation and the stories within stories brilliantly shows how adventure can overtake and transform the most unlikely of people."

— Sunday Express

"An action packed tale of expanding horizons . . . engagingly offbeat powers of observation . . . the van becomes as much of a vehicle of fantasy as the Little Prince’s biplane or James’s giant peach – both a sanctuary from the outside world and a store of limitless possibilities . . . quietly profound . . . genuinely compelling."

— The Guardian